Sunday, July 1, 2012

Picture of the Greased Pole Competition

Courtesy of Ocean Mist Cottages and FaceBook:

Canada Day (s)

Lockeport knows how to celebrate - this year Canada Day was celebrated from June 27 to July 1st.

On June 27th there were several events starting with a party in Seacaps Park for the children run by our local community of disabled adults - games, food, balloons etc. Then there was a sidewalk chalk contest (Queen's Diamond Jubilee theme), and then we held our annual BakeWalk to raise money for the Ragged Islands Historical Society.

I was apprehensive when the July 1st Committee moved us to Wednesday evening but it turned out I was wrong - we had a fantastic turnout and made more money than we have for several years. The annual Variety Show was right after us and we got people from the Chalk contest on one end and early arrivals to the Variety Show on the other- also good weather helped. We really got a lot of baking donations including 7 cakes, muffins, cookies, fudge, pralines, bread, and pickles so there was lots of choice for the winners.

Part of the Variety Show is the choosing of the king and queen for Canada Day ( a draw from the names of those interested). The Queen was 4 year old Bella Taylor (one of the few children in town whom I actually know). Here she is presenting trophies at the Day Pass draw on Saturday (with mayor Darian Huskilson and Municipality of Shelburne Warden (and our good friend) Sherm Embree). What a little sweetheart - and she had a nice queenly wave in the parade.

Thursday, the 28th, I drove to Halifax early to pick up my friends Barb and Lynn with whom I worked for many years at Lady Evelyn Alternative school in Ottawa. They are visiting us until July 9th so getting to do lots of our wonderful small town events. They seem to have brought us good weather too - although thankfully not as hot as it has been in Ottawa.

Friday evening Wayne and I worked the gate at the Lockeport Rocks outdoor concert (Jimmy Flynn and 3 Way Radio) - Lynn and Barb came along and Barb said she had a "ripping" good time (she was tearing apart id bracelets for Wayne to put on attendees). It was a bit cool and the fog rolled in as our shift ended at 10:00PM but we had fun and everything balanced financially. Tim took over from us at 10:00 with June Harding-Scott. Total paid attendance was 218 which is pretty good for a town of less that 600 (and admission restricted to 19+).

Because July 1st is actually a Sunday this year and we are in Canada's Bible Belt, most of the celebrations were moved to Saturday. We went to the Craft Fair at 10:00AM, then had strawberry shortcake from the IODE in the Anglican church hall at 11:00AM, wandered around and looked at the booths and kid games. There was a zip-line this year and I didn't see it - apparently it's an awesome ride brought on a big flat bed - it was set up down on the baseball field and was about 40 ft in the air - first time it's been used in the Maritimes apparently.

We had lunch at the firemen's BBQ - sausage and a pop for $3.50. Lots more wandering around, waiting for the sailboats to arrive from the race from Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club to Lockeport. We had dinner at the White Gull sitting on the deck right beside the Heavy Water concert. Scallops and fries done really well - they were super busy too. The Town and Country and the new B&B (although not open or licensed yet - either of them) managed to do outside service of lobster rolls, drinks, and some BBQ stuff. We didn't eat any of that but we did stop at Beech Street Studios for giant cookies and fudge.

During the afternoon we watched the parade and went to the Day Pass draw. After dinner we walked over to South Wharf to watch some of the greased pole competition - I don't know how those brave participants can stand falling in the cold Atlantic, even if they are managing to grab money on the way down.

              Sailboats arriving    
Getting ready for the parade to come by in front of our house 
Start of parade - one of Mac's cars

Heavy Water performing

Sailboats in the marina

One of the Longboat Society's boats giving free rides

People on the wharf watching the concert, Historical Streetscape in the background

 We were exhausted from all the sunshine and walking around town all day so we didn't make it to either the outdoor evening concert (which was free) or the adult dance at the firehall ( it didn't start unti 9:30PM). Tim decided to go and managed to get a ticket to the sold out dance ( the organizer printed him a ticket from the original computer file with the next number in sequence about an hour before the dance - it pays to be a nice guy).

Sunday Lynn and Barb and I went over to the Anglican Church's BBQ for lunch - we each had a hamburger and then we were still hungry so we went back for hot dogs. A new event so not very well attended it seemed. There is a gospel concert  that we're going to this afternoon, followed by the Opening Ceremony (?) with flag raising, Oh Canada and birthday cake, and tonight the fireworks at 10:00PM. There's also the Poker Walk after supper but I doubt we'll do that one.

No soap box derby this year - I think the old cars finally got beyond repair. Maybe someone will make some new ones for next year.

Happy Birthday Canada!

June 2012

Since I haven't written anything all month, I guess I'd better catch up again in one fell swoop.

Lobster Festival

As usual, Lobster Festival was very enjoyable. My brother, Bill, came down from Ottawa for the 4 days and we ate entirely 2 much lobster (if that is possible!). Also, on the Friday evening, there was a Place for Dory Mates Concert at the Legion starring Coco Love Alcorn and Ian Sherwood - what a great combination of musicians. They really complemented each other and seemed to share the same sense of humour - it was a fun evening. Coco and her daughter Ellie, her mom, Grace and her friend David camped out at our house for the evening. It was nice to see them again and how much Ellie has grown since last summer when they stayed here.
 Wayne enjoying lobster at Sandy Point Community Centre



 Lobster and Icelandic Shrimp, Mango, and Spinach salad at Charlotte Lane

Brandied Lobster and Scallops au Gratin with 7 grain rice at Charlotte Lane

 Coco and Ian performing

New red and yellow Adirondack chairs from Bill, plus improved harbour view where Wayne moved the forsythia bush

Spring Fling 2012

This was a new event for me (although it was the event's 10th anniversary) - a combination hooking day and rug show held by the Yarmouth Rug Bees at the Burridge Campus of NSCC. There were 140 rug hookers present, 3 vendors with lots of supplies available, excellent breakfast and lunch, a few speeches (short - thankfully) and an impressive display of rugs. All-in-all a very enjoyable day.

I also saw a few new spots in Yarmouth including a health/natural food store which I did not know existed - thanks Louise!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Restaurant News

Eventually, if you gossip with enough people in town, you find out the true story of what's going on. I tried a lot of people before I talked to Vicki and got the scoop (I think).

The Town & Country has been purchased by a lady from Jordan Falls(?)who will be running  the same sort of restaurant. The rumour about the Chinese restaurant in Shelburne (Luong's) being involved is only tangentially true - she's currently employed there - has lived in the area for about a year or so. She plans to serve the same sort of food as The Town & Country did - they've got possession and are in there working today - should open in a week or 2.

The B&B next door plans to do chowders and sandwiches for lunch plus breakfasts. If the Legion is doing a breakfast, the B&B won't - sounds like nice people! They may do dinners on the days The Parrot's Pins is closed. They hope to open by June 30th.

In Shelburne, Chez Patrick is going to open as a bistro of some sort with a fused glass gallery on the other side. A new sandwich place is opening at the corner of Hammond and George (the 3-way stop on the route to Sandy Point and the hospital), hoping to cash in on the increased business in the industrial park and the Irving shipyard.

Some sad news - a fire in Liverpool has destroyed the house which Zaari and Irene renovated (beside where they built their rental cabins, between McDonald's and the entrance to the Best Western/Queen's Place). Their Chef's Table in Sable River has not sold so perhaps they will be able to live there and commute to Liverpool. Otherwise they'll have to camp out in one of their cabins I guess.

The Woodpile in Liverpool closed over the winter, but there is a new similar place where Memory Lane used to be.

Reconstruction of the main lodge at White Point Resort is progressing - you can see how it's going here

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th, 2012

Yesterday morning Fred called from California, so after I talked to him I went for a little walk to see how his neighbour's property at the corner of John and South looks now. Unfortunately it's still the same mess with the exception that the bamboo/Japanese knotwood is growing up and starting to obscure some of the mess. I wish the town would get serious about their clean-up orders. The property on the Brighton Road across from the miniature boats is atrocious too.

Today is another rainy day (no fog though) - 30% chance of rain but it's been constant since beofre I got up at 6:00AM. Waiting for Irving to do our annual furnace maintenance.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great play! 
We went to see this play last night at the Osprey in Shelburne - the sets were amazing and the play is absolutely hilarious. It's set in a small town and much of the banter about small town life is spot on. The actors were great - handled the many comedic moments very well (especially Chet Buchanan who is SO good at facial expression and body language). It's a Canadian play written by Norm Foster - well worth the $15 admission.

We also had dinner at  Luong's restaurant before the performance. As usual, their food was lovely and fresh - hadn't had any Chinese food since last fall so it was a pleasant treat. Latest rumour in Lockeport is that The Town and Country (WHICH HAS BEEN SOLD!!!) was purchased by someone connected with Luong's - true? or not? We'll know soon hopefully.

Also - on the up and down restaurant front - the new B&B/cafe is progressing well, roofed and the windows and doors are in, currently the men are working on the building wrap and exterior finishing. In Shelburne, apparently Chez Patrick, which has been for sale for several (6 maybe?) years seems to have been sold - there were lights on at 10:30 last night in the upstairs apartment - whether or not it will be a restaurant again also remains to be seen. It was a gem for the few years it existed - and a really nice place to go after a performance at the Osprey, a sophisticated French cafe/wine bar atmosphere.

Weather-wise - we're into fog season - we had some truly nice days this week but a preponderance of fog and rain. Today is one of those many yard sales days but the weather is the pits - supposed to be nicer later.

When we bought this house, one of the first things we had our plumber do was put in outside taps so we could water the garden - hah! Not something you need to do in Lockeport - everything is self-watering from the fog and sea-air - the problem here is keeping anything dry. I keep making little bags of rice to store with my baking supplies to absorb moisture and EVERYTHING needs to go in sealed plastic containers - I podged a whole bunch of coffee tins in pretty colours to store rice, sugar, etc but they all rapidly rust out So I'm gradually replacing them with plastic (and rice).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th - Good News and/or Rumours

2 encouraging news items on the restaurant front today:

1. A big truck brought tons of wood etc to the site of the new bed and breakfast/cafe so maybe construction will speed up and it will open this summer

2. Rumour at our hooking meeting that A-1 Pizza is going to open the Town and Country for the summer as they did 2 years ago. I did see that someone was in there on Sunday (but it may have just been periodic check/maintenance in a closed building).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dory Mates Concert

Last night there was a Dory Mates concert, hosted by Harmony Bazaar, sponsored by NSLC at the Legion. The artist was Ruth Minnikin accompanied by Anna Plaskett. Turnout was atrocious - even for Lockeport - there were 13 people in the audience including Corey doing the sound system.

The music, however, was very nice - rocking folk for the most part. Anna played both French Horn (a very pleasant surprise) and guitar, as well as handling some of the vocals. Nice voice.

Ruth is an accomplished singer-song-writer. She has a lovely clear voice and a self-deprecating sense of humour - all-in-all it was a very enjoyable show.

 Ruth Minnikin
 Anna Plaskett
Ruth and Anna stayed at our house last night - very nice young women. I hope we see them in Lockeport again.

Back in the Saddle Again!

Once again I've been getting complaints about my lack of output. Of course we were away from Lockeport for over 5 months between visiting Ottawa for the birth of grandchild number 4 (Benjamin Theodore Henry Cooper, December 4th, 2011),
 Christmas, our 3 months in Perdido Key, FL, and a return vsist to Ottawa to re-visit Ben,  and all the rest of the family. We have now been back in Lockeport for over 2 weeks so I guess it's time to get off my duff.

There have been a few changes during our absence - nothing too major but here are a few pictures.

 The beginnings of a new B&B next to the Legion on Beech St. Apparently they plan to use the kitchen and dining area of the little building Peter had renovated as a soup/sandwich place as well as feeding the B&B customers - at the rate building is progressing it may be open next year.

 The new gazebo kitty-corner from Town Hall - hopefully it will look better with some landscaping and flowers. It seems to be the same  model as in front of the high-school - I guess I expected something more of the dimensions of a band-stand gazebo - this is quite disappointing to me.

The new walkways and porch to the Little School Museum are complete - looks good, hope it's all enough if we get hit by more hurricane waters. Howard and Anne were painting the inside of the museum this week - now Cheryl has to move all the displays in and set them up yet again.

This is the current mess across from Fred's house where the crumby old trailers were finally removed. It still doesn't look very nice - I assume this stuff will be removed too eventually.

Other changes - Vanessa has closed her gift shop, all three local restaurants are for sale (yet the new B&B will include a restaurant - strange). At least the Parrot's Pins remains open (and serving delicious food as usual). Liz is advertising for servers for the summer so I guess The White Gull will be reopening too.  According to the last census (2011), our population is down to 585 or so - steadily declining. When we bought our house in 2002 the population was 702.