Saturday, August 4, 2007

Let the Games Begin!

Today we will start doing some of the serious renovation work for our energy improvements.

Yesterday, Wayne arrived back from Ottawa and cut a hole in the ceiling of the north parlour so we could examine the condition of the walls above the dropped ceiling. Surprise! The wall is bare studs above both windows in the north wall and there is also a small strip where you can see the lathe above the east window. This means that when the blown-in insulation arrives, it will fill the entire ceiling cavity - rather expensive and messy if we ever want to fix up that room.

So, we need to move all the junk out of the way - if you've seen the room you know that that in itself is a major job. Then tear out the ceiling along the wall, install new wall board and hope it's tight enough. No problem - except the insulation firm called last evening to say they would be here on Monday.

A busy weekend ahead. Oh yes, the results of our energy audit - on a scale of 0 to 100 our house made a resounding 6 - our target is 57 in the next 18 (17 now) months.

On the plus side, the original ceiling above the acoustic tile one looks to be in very good shape.