Friday, June 24, 2011

June Restaurant Scene

Depressing is the best word.

In Lockeport, the wonderful Parrot's Pins continues to shine. The White Gull (for sale) has just reopened for the season - haven't been down to see if Liz has made any changes. The Town and Country is still for sale and not open.

The Chef's Table in Sable River is not opening this year.

The Bayman in Upper East Green Harbour is open - pizza is available not too far away at least.

Charlotte Lane is back but Lothar is catering another movie in Halifax but plans to reopen on July 2nd (and his restaurant is for sale). The old Shelburne Pastry has been purchased by Heritage Hall and is becoming a coffee and sandwich place  (staffed by Heritage Hall clients) at some point. Otherwise all Shelburne restaurants are up and running.

Heading towards Liverpool, Seascape, The Quarterdeck, Seaside Seafoods have all opened again for the summer.

But the choices get a bit more limited each year - sigh.......

All the Latest (or not)!

Can't believe I haven't posted anything since Mother's Day! Oh well!

We went back to Ottawa for 2 weeks at the end of May, beginning of June for Wayne to rebuild the deck at the Tattersall house. Despite the same crumby weather as we have had in Lockeport, he managed to get it done, and a bit of fence removed and a new, improved, non-broken cat door installed.

I finished Chris's birthday present (over 4 months early!!!!) and delivered it to him for his new office (they should be moving into the new house very soon - yay!)

 We enjoyed the visit to Ottawa - saw a bunch of old friends and spent lots of time with family.

Back in Lockeport, we have found that several of our summer friends have arrived which always livens up our social life. There are more people at our weekly hooking meetings too.

The Ragged Islands Historical Society is gearing up for the summer months. Anne and Howard moved us (by themselves - no one volunteered to help) into the Beach Centre where we now have a new home which is considerably more affordable for us. Our first fund-raiser is tomorrow - the annual Bake Walk, which Vicki runs so well. Hope it is very successful this year although it doesn't sound like the weather will be all that great for a semi-outdoor activity.

We have hired a summer student with the government's help who will help keep the office open, give tours and info to tourists (and locals) and try and sort out some of the backlog of information. Welcome aboard Ashley - wish we could have you for more than 8 weeks!

RIHS is hoping to help out with an event at Harmony Bazaar again this year - on the Friday evening (July 29th) there will be a book launch at Holy Cross Anglican Church. The book is by Julie Balish and gives the history of the arts in Lockeport - we are starting to plan a reception to accompany that event. We also hope to do something like a gift basket raffle during the Sea Derby in August - most fund-raising is difficult since our number of active volunteers in VERY SMALL!!!

On a more positive note, Fred is working on several possible evening presentations about the history of the area - suggested topics which are likely to happen this summer are growing up in West Green Harbour during the 30's and 40's, dredgings of the Lockeport Harbour, and the sports history of Lockeport. If anyone has any good ideas, be sure to pass them on to Fred, Barb, Anne, Fae, Vicki or myself.

We are always looking for members and new blood. Membership is only $10/annum and we'll try not to get you involved in too many fund-raising activities, but we could use some help. Maybe you'd like to help in the office organizing  the files or extracting info from old Coast Guard issues.

Canada Day Week (+ 1 day) has started - we missed the Variety Show last night because we went to dinner at the Parrot's Pins (excellent, of course!) and then Wayne and Fred played Fred's golf course on the shore and we sat around drinking wine and chatting for a few hours.
             My Haddock Rockefeller

Wayne and Tim had Shellfish Extravaganza 

There is music scheduled for every day during the next week - 4 big concerts included. The Saturday night one headlines a stand-out Kiss tribute band - Dressed to Kill. Tim is doing security, Wayne is bar tending, and I'm selling bar and BBQ tickets. Hope the weather improves - it's cool, rainy and windy right now.

Other concerts include a hip-hop/rap concert Tuesday, Wednesday a solid rock event, and Thursday is Matt Minglewood. Should be a good week. Right now there is a youth dance in the park (and a pie-eating contest) - the kids must be freezing. It's so windy I can't hear the music from our house.