Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harmony Bazaar

This weekend was Harmony Bazaar , a festival of Women and Song, in Lockeport. As usual, there were many terrific performances - ranging from youngsters in the Open Mic session to rock bands, folk, jazz, gospel and then there was Irish - Irish Mythen to be exact.

Irish appeared last year on the Day Stage show and was an instant hit with the crowd. She is an amazingly enchanting performer, touching her audience with her energy, her humour, her stories and her honest emotions. This year, Harmony Bazaar brought her back as the host of the afternoon Songwriters' Circle and as headliner of the Evening Stage Show. She did not disappoint - in fact, I would not be surprised to see her back here every year for the foreseeable future.

Thanks Irish for a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small World

We just had 4 over-night visitors from Ottawa. We were expecting them, although we only knew Derek Tam was coming along with 3 friends. They came across yesterday from Bar Harbor on The Cat and arrived in Lockeport at about 5:00PM. Wayne's friend, Phil Sanchez, was already here.

The 3 friends turned out to be Marc-Andre, Susannah and Jodi. As we gave the pre-dinner house tour so they could select rooms, Susannah stopped in the dining-room, looking at pictures of our boys and said she went to school with Tim. Then she said "you lived on Pleasant Park". She turned out to be Susie Kelly who grew up kitty-corner from my parent's house on Portal, in a house I knew well from my own child-hood. She knew lots of our family's friends like the Thomases and assorted classmates of our sons.

Then we discovered that Marc-Andre Poitras works at CMHC with friends of Wayne and Phil who both worked there for many years. Jodi Connolly's uncle worked with Wayne and Phil too.

Ottawa is nearly as small as Lockeport (Haha)!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dining Room Complete (well almost)!

The dining room renovations are just about done - the closet has been rebuilt and access reversed from the "library" to the dining room, a doorway has been closed off, painting is done, all boxes unpacked.

We are still awaiting our art work for installation above the fireplace mantel and some shelves for the "bar" area to hold glasses, bottles etc. And some time way in the future when all the other renos are done, we'll tackle refinishing the floor.

The colour scheme of shades of mauve, grey, sterling silver and white came together very well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The mackerel keep coming... Help!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're Getting Wild!

Last evening we attended 2 events at the Osprey Arts Centre in Shelburne. At 6:30PM, there was an opening of a new show in their Coastline Gallery, an exhibit of framed tile art by local artist, Rebecca Tudor. Afterwards, at 8:00PM, was a musical evening by Chet and Lisa Buchanan and friends. The entire evening was great fun.

The "wild" part is that we actually bought a of piece of art - the first and only original piece we have ever bought. Sure we bought a few limited series prints in Maine many years ago and prints of Howard Behren's work, but we've never shelled out big bucks for an original. We both fell in love with the work Rebecca is doing right now - unfortunately since it was opening night, we don't get our art work until August 21st when the show closes.