Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Portraits from Fathers' Day

Taken after our Fathers' Day dinner in Ottawa, June 21st, 2009:

All the boys - Chris, Bob holding Will, Tim, Wayne, Dan

Dan, Christine and Ava

Chris, Kris, Will and Isla

Monday, June 29, 2009

Canada Day Week Continues

We have attended a fair number of the events offered to date. Tonight we went to the Senior Social at the Firehall - Dave Burbine and Traditional Country were playing to a packed house. I'm not great at estimating crowds but we arrived at 8:10 (it started at 8:00) and had to have extra seats put out for us along the back wall. Wayne was actually sitting in the kitchen doorway. Since there were tables as well as chairs out, I guess there were around 85-90 people there, mostly seniors but a fair number of younger folks. Country music is big in this area as one could tell from the crowd's reactions to various songs (not my type of music - I only recognized Folsom Prison Blues). The band members are excellent musicians however. The leader, Dave Burbine was in Lockeport last Wednesday with his daughter Mary Ann playing at the Variety Show, where they were one of the big hits (along with the ever popular Mike Balish).

Yesterday, Wayne attended the Seaman's Memorial Service down by the beach. It was cool, windy and rainy so I stayed home but he felt it was a very moving service.

Saturday was the annual Soapbox Derby which runs down Crest Street, starting just a few houses from our place. The town provides 2 cars for the races and this year one of the boys also had his own car. The turnout was excellent and there were a lot of racers. Bales of hay guard the telephone poles and a pickup truck helps return the cars to the top of the hill between heats. Frances was looking for help with starting - loading the cars on the ramps, helping the kids get into them and then releasing them at the "GO" signal. Wayne offered to help so he was very busy. The races start with the youngest kids (who looked about 5 or 6 - they started at the bottom of the ramp) and progress up in age. There was a coin toss for each heat and the winner could pick his/her car and the loser would then pick which starting ramp he/she wanted. The event was hit with heavy rain after about 1/2 hour but continued for another hour or so until the lightning and thunder started. But it was lots of fun for all.

Saturday morning we went over to the Sable River Farmers' Market as well as the new Shelburne one. Both excellent initiatives for the local economy and suppliers. After, we stopped at Seacaps to drop off a cake for the Cake Walk and I was roped into helping judge the Sidewalk Chalk contest. The children had done some very artistic work and it was tough deciding which were "best".

We returned to Seacaps later for the Cake Walk - if you have never participated in one, think of it as musical chairs with food as the prize. You pay $0.25/hand/round. The music starts, you walk around a table covered with numbers, the music stops and you place your hand (or hands if you're a big spender!) on a number, then numbers are drawn until someone's number is picked - that person picks something from the donated baking (theoretically "cakes" but also bread, buns, scones, loaves, cookies etc). Then it all starts again. I ran out of money after 22 rounds but there was still lots of baking left. This is a fun way to get donations for the Historical Society since everyone laughs and jokes around while playing.

Friday evening was the first of two "Lockeport Rocks" concerts - this one was the youth concert. Some very popular young musicians from the area played along with a few newcomers. Steve Elliot hosted. Alex Buchanan started things off with a few songs from his new CD (release party at the Osprey later this summer). Ashley Stuart was great, as were Jade Bennett and Carson Swim and Natalie ? (lovely voice). We particularly enjoyed an unaccompanied vocal by a young lady (8 or 9 years old I would guess) named Ryan who sang a good 3 minutes on key in front of the crowd, small though it was. We left before the end due to the cold wind so we didn't hear Beggars by Choice, but it was a good show of upcoming talent.

At the same time, there was a pie eating contest in the park and 9 kids partcipated - they had to eat a McCain cream pie (choice of chocolate, banana or lemon) without using their hands. Messy, fun, some pretty sick looking kids when it was over.

Last Wednesday was the Community variety Show at the high school. Lots of local talent and a wide variety of music genres. There were both very young and seasoned performers tied together by the words and music of Jamie Cotter. The king and queen of the Canada Day parade were also chosen. A good 2 1/2 hour show.

That's it so far - we missed a few things - a dance which STARTED at 10:00PM on Saturday and a poker walk which took place while we were at dinner at the Chef's Table Sunday evening. Also the crib tournament and a pet show. The really big stuff starts tomorrow (June 30th) with the Lockeport Rocks concert headlining The Hupman Brothers - we are working the beer tent so we'll be busy. And Wednesday will be constant fun and games.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Reader

Today I met another Lockeportite (?) who reads my blog (and enjoys it!). It was nice to get to know you Dawn. It's great to know technology can actually form some human links, instead of just electronic ones. This entry is a test of my feed to Facebook - if it works it's thanks to a Kevin/Kris exchange which was very helpful.

Tonight is the first Lockeport Rocks concert - the youth version. There is also a pie-eating contest at the same time in the Seacaps Park so it should be an interesting evening. It looks like the weather may cooperate.

Back to baking a cake for tomorrow's Cake Walk - a great fund-raiser for the Ragged Island Historical Society.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back to Lockeport

We've been off on a 2 week visit to Ottawa and our kids and grandkids. All well and beautiful and/or handsome as expected.

We came back to Lockeport in our usual 16 hour-straight drive with 2 kittens and our son Tim in the car. It was a singularly uneventful trip but we arrived to a hay field that used (2 weeks ago) to be our yard - it has apparently rained the entire time we were away. At least the well won't run dry and there won't likely be any forest fires in the near future.

Tonight is the start of the Canada Day Week celebrations - a variety show at the high school - always a lot of fun. Other events coming up are a cake walk, a couple of Lockeport Rocks concerts (including the Hupman Brothers on June 30th), the greased pole, the strawberry shortcake, the parades, dances, fireworks, craft fair, yard sales, poker walk, and lots of food (this is after all rural Nova Scotia where a day without pie is a travesty).

While we were gone, the Look-Off neared completion. Lester has installed the light, the benches are in, the bottom is closed off, and Spencer's has begun the landscaping.

Monday, June 1, 2009


On Sunday, we had a call from a friend, Dayle, inviting us over for drinks and conversation at her place. After a pleasant hour and a half with Dayle, her mother, Deny, and Nancy Cotter, Dayle received a call asking her to hustle down to the Osprey in Shelburne since only a very few people had shown up for the jazz concert being held. So Wayne and I went too.
See full size image
The group playing was Mike Cowie and the Waterbabies, a jazz group out of Halifax. They were truly awesome musicians with some outstanding solos on bass and piano. They played their own arrangements of an assortment of standards and some unusual pieces. I particularly enjoyed their version of Cindi Lauper's "Time After Time" - a great way to spend Sunday evening. You can hear some of the songs they played here - Disk 2 of "In the Moment".