Friday, June 1, 2012

Restaurant News

Eventually, if you gossip with enough people in town, you find out the true story of what's going on. I tried a lot of people before I talked to Vicki and got the scoop (I think).

The Town & Country has been purchased by a lady from Jordan Falls(?)who will be running  the same sort of restaurant. The rumour about the Chinese restaurant in Shelburne (Luong's) being involved is only tangentially true - she's currently employed there - has lived in the area for about a year or so. She plans to serve the same sort of food as The Town & Country did - they've got possession and are in there working today - should open in a week or 2.

The B&B next door plans to do chowders and sandwiches for lunch plus breakfasts. If the Legion is doing a breakfast, the B&B won't - sounds like nice people! They may do dinners on the days The Parrot's Pins is closed. They hope to open by June 30th.

In Shelburne, Chez Patrick is going to open as a bistro of some sort with a fused glass gallery on the other side. A new sandwich place is opening at the corner of Hammond and George (the 3-way stop on the route to Sandy Point and the hospital), hoping to cash in on the increased business in the industrial park and the Irving shipyard.

Some sad news - a fire in Liverpool has destroyed the house which Zaari and Irene renovated (beside where they built their rental cabins, between McDonald's and the entrance to the Best Western/Queen's Place). Their Chef's Table in Sable River has not sold so perhaps they will be able to live there and commute to Liverpool. Otherwise they'll have to camp out in one of their cabins I guess.

The Woodpile in Liverpool closed over the winter, but there is a new similar place where Memory Lane used to be.

Reconstruction of the main lodge at White Point Resort is progressing - you can see how it's going here