Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures Around Town

View from the Lookoff - looking south, note absence of old derelict building on Water St. - improves the view.

Quiet at the beach, low-tide and pristine today.

The new cottage at the east end of the beach - being built for 2 lawyers from Yarmouth - it's lost its shingles a couple of times with storms apparently. Looks nice, but dangerously close to high tide mark.

Side view of cottage

Where the old building on Water St sat - demolished by town after nor'easter in early March destroyed roof. The town offered to knock down the old bank building too -as you can see in the picture below it suffered a great deal of damage in the storm too - holes in the roof, front supports demolished - I doubt it can be saved in the long run but the owners turned down the town.

The area of the old bank building repaired earlier this winter - too little too late, methinks.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nose to the Grindstone

I've been admonished because I haven't been writing anything - there is a good reason for that. We have been away for 3 1/2 months and just got back to Lockeport last week. I guess I should have posted some Ottawa and Pensacola musings to keep the masses happy. Anyway, to keep Annette and Fred happy, here's some info on the state of things in Lockport.

On the up side here are some positive items:

1. Construction on the new stage beside the Firehall is going ahead.

2. Brighton Road is to be widened for some sort of improved walking path/sidewalk which will make the Lockeport Walking Trail much nicer.

3. Construction of the boardwalk behind the playing fields to downtown is set to start soon.

4. Harmony Bazaar (July 23-25) now has an office in the Post Office building - Errin is doing another great job. Headliners this year are Quartette with Sylvia Tyson. Advance tickets are on sale ($40). There have been several extra events this year sponsored and promoted by HB, which have improved the social life over the winter apparently.

5. Some preliminary repairs have been made to the old bank building on Water Street - the back porch area was repaired. Still a lot to be done but maybe the McFarlane's are going to do something to preserve it - we can only hope: it's such an interesting looking building and a prime location.

6. Some real estate seems to be moving - there is an offer pending on the Mason's building on Spruce (where Atlantic Waves used to be) and the house beside the post office on Beech has sold.

7. The SHYC completed renovations to install an elevator and also the building for the long boats - both were very well done. The boat house is very attractive and the elevator (actually a stair chair lift, all that was really required) goes straight up into what was the back room used by the sailing school which has its own space since last year and is no longer needed. The 2 rooms were blended into one very nicely. I think it was On Shore Construction that did it - if so, it's an excellent recommendation for their work.

8. The Lockeport schools have become UNESCO partner schools which will enrich the curriculum and future for the students - this was a proposal that came out of the Revitalization Study (Dayle Eshelby) for the town - I'm glad such an innovative suggestion was acted on so quickly. A government study has suggested that the schools here should STAY OPEN because of their contribution to the community - that is good news, now we need to find something to keep young families here.

On the down side:

1. There was an enormous storm (nor'easter) in early March before we got back - winds of 133km/hr. Lots of trees down, waves over the dunes again (they are really getting beaten down now), one of the old buildings on Water was severely damaged and has now been taken down, we lost a piece of fascia (actually it was down by Bill and Phoebe's house so we have a template), the new "cottage" at the east end of Crescent Beach lost a lot of shingles (most of the locals don't seem to care too much about that!).

2. Tourism will be decimated this year with the demise of the Cat Ferry and the refusal of the NDP government to provide any subsidy to a ferry service. The whole South Shore will suffer a great deal, I am sure.

3. The lobster season has been very poor apparently and the price is depressed again. December was stormy and little trapping could be done when the lobstermen usually earn about 70% of their annual income. Not good for the local economy and future.

4. Everything is very quiet here still - The Parrot's Pins and The Bayman (Upper East Green Harbour) are the only restaurants open. I heard a rumour that The Town & Country is not opening at all this year (unless someone buys it) - hope that's not true.

I'll wander around and get some pictures to post when the rainy weather improves. Listening for additional news too.