Friday, February 6, 2009

On the Plus Side

Lothar's Cafe is reopening on Valentine's Day and will be open for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Friday for the rest of the winter. In addition, Lothar will be emailing his menus to those interested so we can make informed reservations.

We already had made a Valentine's tentative reservation at the Parrot's Pins (a fondue evening) when Lothar's menu for the 14th came out. It looks good too -
Set Menu.
Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup
Lobster and Egg Salad on Mesclun
with Rhode Island Dressing
Chicken breast stuffed with Vegetable Brunoise, Herbs and Cream Cheese
on home made Spinach Pasta, Champagne Sauce, honey glaced carottes
Bavarian Cream with fresh Chocolate coated Strawberries
$32.50 pp. Reservations required two days in advance

So we're back to some good meals!

Another closing

Our local (Shelburne) department store is closing on Monday. Bargain Giant isn't doing enough business so they are closing that location - right now they are having a huge clearance sale so as not to have to move too much inventory to another store. The store is very busy now although the "bargains" don't really look like such to me - the prices being marked down on a lot of merchandise were somewhat inflated to start with.

A Bargain Shop will be moving into the location in a few months - I'm not familiar with that chain but I hope it offers some adequate merchandise or there will be a lot of trips to Bridgewater and/or Yarmouth in the future. I'm afraid it may just be a glorified dollar store. :(

Lockeport Shines

MondayTuesday we had another storm and this time it still looks like winter - a very beautiful winter at that.

There was supposed to be snow, ice pellets, freezing rain etc to the tune of 5- 15 cm. Our actual total was in the 5-10 cm range I would say with a healthy crust of ice/ snow pellet mix on the ground - so it's not actually slippery except on some of the pavement where cars have spun wheels or melting/refreezing has happened. The crust is thick (1-2cm) - enough to hold my weight in most places but quite pebbly. You can still see the tops of our grass/weeds so it's really not too deep.

The beautiful part is in the ice-storm effect on all the trees and bushes. Even after 4 days, they are still coated with a dazzling ice layer since it has been cold and not very windy so the ice has stayed, despite brilliant sunshine. The bushes with lots of tiny branches and the tops of trees are particularly breathtaking.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be above zero so I guess the melt will start, but it has been lovely here this week. Dinner at the kitchen table with the sun setting through our shiny rosebushes has been awesome.