Friday, November 23, 2007

Musing in Ottawa

Well, I've been back in Ottawa for about 6 weeks now so perhaps it's time for some random jotting - although I've discovered that my random jottings tend to upset some of my relatives. So let's clear up what I was saying way back on September 14th.

I made the mistake of saying there was such a thing as too much company - this comment had absolutely nothing to do with the particular company I had this summer, but rather, with my own failings.

When we first purchased our house in Lockeport, many of the locals asked us whether or not we would continue running a bed-and-breakfast. We did actually consider it - looked into provincial regulations, insurance etc. This was for a couple of reasons: firstly, Lockeport needs all the tourist business it can muster which means accommodations are needed for these tourists, and, secondly, we thought it might be interesting in retirement to meet people from all over the place and see fresh faces. We had enjoyed (mostly) the 10 years we rented out rooms at Pleasant Park - tenants like Andrew, Norm, Fred, Kim, Bryce, Toby, Mary Ann, Nandeesh and Jag were almost family by the time they left us. However, given the number of family and friends we expected to visit us, we decided a bed-and-breakfast wouldn't be very practical since our company would want to visit in the same brief window of time as we could expect any B&B clients - as I have said to several people "who wants to visit Lockeport in February?".

This summer proved we made the right decision - several nights we had all our guest rooms occupied and for an entire month there was always someone visiting. Unfortunately, Wayne wasn't there for a lot of the time (since he has yet to retire) which left me to"entertain" lots of guests, clean rooms, wash linens etc. All of this made me realize I could not have run a B&B anymore - I get tired and grumpy too easily and I feel responsible for my guests enjoying themselves which can be difficult with wildly disparate groups, ages, interests etc.

Some of my guests after reading my blog felt that I meant I didn't want them visiting any more - far from my intention! The comment was "me" centered - the realization that I am slowing down very rapidly and unable to function nearly as well as I could a few short years ago, a fact that becomes brutally evident when I am faced with lots of stair-climbing, late hours or a host of other problems. I often wonder how I managed to take sailing lessons (only 4 years ago!) when the thought of even getting my deteriorating body into a Lazer now seems impossible.

Anyway, guests who have come (and those of you who keep saying you are coming to visit), please be reassured that you are welcome. Our sleepy little town, simple lifestyle and beautiful province aren't to everyone's taste, but I hope you will come and see for yourselves.