Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012

Since I haven't written anything all month, I guess I'd better catch up again in one fell swoop.

Lobster Festival

As usual, Lobster Festival was very enjoyable. My brother, Bill, came down from Ottawa for the 4 days and we ate entirely 2 much lobster (if that is possible!). Also, on the Friday evening, there was a Place for Dory Mates Concert at the Legion starring Coco Love Alcorn and Ian Sherwood - what a great combination of musicians. They really complemented each other and seemed to share the same sense of humour - it was a fun evening. Coco and her daughter Ellie, her mom, Grace and her friend David camped out at our house for the evening. It was nice to see them again and how much Ellie has grown since last summer when they stayed here.
 Wayne enjoying lobster at Sandy Point Community Centre



 Lobster and Icelandic Shrimp, Mango, and Spinach salad at Charlotte Lane

Brandied Lobster and Scallops au Gratin with 7 grain rice at Charlotte Lane

 Coco and Ian performing

New red and yellow Adirondack chairs from Bill, plus improved harbour view where Wayne moved the forsythia bush

Spring Fling 2012

This was a new event for me (although it was the event's 10th anniversary) - a combination hooking day and rug show held by the Yarmouth Rug Bees at the Burridge Campus of NSCC. There were 140 rug hookers present, 3 vendors with lots of supplies available, excellent breakfast and lunch, a few speeches (short - thankfully) and an impressive display of rugs. All-in-all a very enjoyable day.

I also saw a few new spots in Yarmouth including a health/natural food store which I did not know existed - thanks Louise!

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