Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great play! 
We went to see this play last night at the Osprey in Shelburne - the sets were amazing and the play is absolutely hilarious. It's set in a small town and much of the banter about small town life is spot on. The actors were great - handled the many comedic moments very well (especially Chet Buchanan who is SO good at facial expression and body language). It's a Canadian play written by Norm Foster - well worth the $15 admission.

We also had dinner at  Luong's restaurant before the performance. As usual, their food was lovely and fresh - hadn't had any Chinese food since last fall so it was a pleasant treat. Latest rumour in Lockeport is that The Town and Country (WHICH HAS BEEN SOLD!!!) was purchased by someone connected with Luong's - true? or not? We'll know soon hopefully.

Also - on the up and down restaurant front - the new B&B/cafe is progressing well, roofed and the windows and doors are in, currently the men are working on the building wrap and exterior finishing. In Shelburne, apparently Chez Patrick, which has been for sale for several (6 maybe?) years seems to have been sold - there were lights on at 10:30 last night in the upstairs apartment - whether or not it will be a restaurant again also remains to be seen. It was a gem for the few years it existed - and a really nice place to go after a performance at the Osprey, a sophisticated French cafe/wine bar atmosphere.

Weather-wise - we're into fog season - we had some truly nice days this week but a preponderance of fog and rain. Today is one of those many yard sales days but the weather is the pits - supposed to be nicer later.

When we bought this house, one of the first things we had our plumber do was put in outside taps so we could water the garden - hah! Not something you need to do in Lockeport - everything is self-watering from the fog and sea-air - the problem here is keeping anything dry. I keep making little bags of rice to store with my baking supplies to absorb moisture and EVERYTHING needs to go in sealed plastic containers - I podged a whole bunch of coffee tins in pretty colours to store rice, sugar, etc but they all rapidly rust out So I'm gradually replacing them with plastic (and rice).

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